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Donald Trump uses Twitter to announce Presidential race not happening

Posted on : 26-05-2011 | By : Twitter Login | In : Twitter Login


Donald Trump recently ended his silent run for President of the United States, even though it was never really official. Almost as soon as he announced that he decided not to run in the election, Trump sent a tweet to his twitter followers. Do you follow Donald Trump on Twitter?  Trump’s statement via Twitter basically addressed the Presidential campaign and he stated that it “has been a very difficult decision.” Later in the tweet he thanked his fans for all the support they have shown.

Recently, there have been an increasing number of political figures utilizing Twitter accounts to make statements and comment on the latest news or entertainment. In addition to the growing number of political figureheads who are using Twitter, the social networking website is also responsible for helping to disseminate breaking news to the public at a lighting fast speed. Imagine all of the tweets that will be posted in reference to the 2012 Presidential Election as the election dates get closer and closer.

Do you follow breaking news updates using Twitter login? Stay informed and up to date with all the latest 2012 Presidential Election news on Twitter. Simply become a fan and follow your favorite news channels, political figures and potential U.S. Presidential candidates.

Twitter news leaks Royal couple’s trip to US

Posted on : 09-05-2011 | By : Twitter Login | In : Twitter Login


There are dozens of new tweets about Prince William and Kate Middleton on Twitter every day. As the royal wedding craze comes to an end, many tweets are now focused on Prince William’s summer vacation to Canada and the United States.

Prince William and his new wife will be making their first foreign trip as a married couple – and they are coming to California! That’s right, the royal couple is scheduled to be in Cali on July 8, 2011. Twitter login now to discover other breaking news about the royal couple!

If you happen to be in California when they are on vacation, please be polite. They deal with paparazzi all day long in the UK so give the two lovebirds a break =)

First book of Tweets to outline Egyptian revolution

Posted on : 11-03-2011 | By : Twitter Login | In : Twitter Login


On April 21, a book will be released titled, ‘Tweets From Tahrir.’ The book is the first of its kind and chronicles tweets from each day of the recent Egyptian revolution. The book captures Twitter posts from the very beginning of the Egyptian revolution to the resignation of the Egyptian President on February 11, 2011.

The creators of the book edited the collection of Tweets and wrote introductions that are printed at the beginning of each chapter in the book. So far, this book is the first of its kind. No other authors or media creators have put together a collection of Twitter login posts in order to tell a story.

The book’s publishing company is currently in the process of contacting the hundreds of people whose tweets appear in the book in order to ask permission to publish their words in the book. According to at least one Twitter spokesperson, the book will not violate Twitter’s terms of service as long as each of the people quoted in it has given their permission to use their tweets in the book.

What if one of your tweets made it into the book?! Be sure to check bookstores and e-books for ‘Tweets From Tahrir,’ which will be released on April 21, 2011.

Are you re-tweeting on Twitter?

Posted on : 26-02-2011 | By : Twitter Login | In : Twitter Login


A Twitter ‘retweet’ (RT) occurs when you tweet the same message again, whether it is your own original tweet or somebody else’s. is there proper etiquette for retweets? Here are some things you should know…

It’s common for retweets to be cited in order to avoid plagiarizing previously tweeted messages. To avoid plagiarism, always type “[RT]” followed by the original Twitter username before your re-tweeted message.

By adding “[RT]” and the username, you can credit the person who originally wrote the message and also help other people understand that your message is a retweet.

So, next time you decide to retweet, use the above suggestions to help avoid plagiarism of your tweet. Hopefully, others will do the same for you!

Study shows Twitter users are happier than non-users

Posted on : 05-02-2011 | By : Twitter Login | In : Twitter Login


A recent study reveals that Twitter users are happier than those who don’t Twitter login. A series of personality and mood tests were given to a sample size of Twitter and non-Twitter participants. The tests revealed a significant correlation between the happier people having Twitter.

Perhaps Twitter is an outlet that we all need to be heard. Maybe people feel more “expressed” when they have Twitter and tweet to the world about things spontaneously. Or maybe, Twitter just draws happier people to the table — people who are more inclined to mingle, say hi to everyone, and tweet!

I think that there’s a little bit of both going on. I’m already a pretty chipper person. I get happier when I use Twitter because I feel like I’m floating in the sky with the Twitter birds. Can we get much happier than that? Tweet, tweet!

UK Uncut threatens to close down Christmas shopping

Posted on : 03-12-2010 | By : Twitter Login | In : Twitter Login


The activist group known as UK Uncut threatens to dip into Christmas shopping in the United Kingdom for this year’s holidays. The group is dedicated to protesting against “Tax Dodgers” and “Tax Avoiders” with thousands in support.

Earlier last month, the Twitter login handle for the group @ukuncut inspired many supporters and over 30 Vodaphone shops had to close down. In response, the UK police will spy undercover on the members of UK Uncut who protest.

Twitter accounts having great success in search engines

Posted on : 03-12-2010 | By : Twitter Login | In : Twitter Login


It’s no surprise to most by now that Twitter is here to stay and is only getting more mainstream as time goes. Twitter accounts for celebrities, politicians, and peers are now followed by millions and millions of other Twitter login addicts.

However, another reason for a large increase in Twitter’s success is because search engines have been very friendly in ranking Twitter accounts of people’s names on the front page of results. Google, for example, might show a Twitter account for a celebrity or politician on the front page, generating tons of traffic.

A great example would be NFL football star Chad Ochocinco’s Twitter account. When you search Google for ‘ochocinco’ then you will find his Twitter account is the third link on the front page! I’m sure that Ochocinco’s Twitter account was busy enough already, but this #3 rank has to generate serious hits for the Twitter handle…

Welcome to Twitter Login UK!

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Hello and Welcome to Twitter Login for the United Kingdom for all my English friends. Stay tuned for a plethora of useful nonsense about Twitter including Twitter Apps, Twitter News, and Twitter Login discussion.